The 24 Inch Tablet Smart Table – A coffee table with a built-in tablet for remote learning, playing games and more

The 24 Inch Tablet Smart Table is not just one of those ordinary coffee tables out there because this table is equipped with an integrated tablet you and your kids can enjoy playing games or even allow your kids to attend remote learning.

Thanks to the smart table’s uniquely designed construction system, using the built-in tablet on this table will also allow the owner to use it as a 2nd monitor for watching TVs or Movies at home.

24 Inch Tablet Smart Table

The 24 Inch Tablet Smart Table

This coffee table with built-in tablet has an adjustable display angle so you and your kids can easily tilt the tablet up to 60 degrees while its included 24 inch HD touchscreen android tablet on the other hand can be easily connected to your home’s wifi without any problem.

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24 Inch Tablet Smart Table1

This Smart Table with built-in tablet is made with sturdy wood and already includes some storage shelves for keeping your gadgets accessories including remotes, controllers and a lot more and best of all, it also comes with an HDMI input and 2 USB charging ports so you can juice up other gadgets any time. Weighs only 61 3/4lbs.

You can buy the smart table with built-in table for only $599.95 with lifetime guarantee.