The 20-watt Stereo Pool Lounger – Now you can stream your favorite music as you recline afloat

The 20-watt Stereo Pool Lounger >>>[SOURCE]<<< is your perfect partner when it comes to streaming music while you recline afloat your favorite pool, thanks to the pool lounger’s integrated 20-watt speakers, now you can enjoy your favorite music every time you visit your favorite swimming pool.

This pool lounger has the capability of connecting to your favorite gadget via Bluetooth from up to 75 feet away, it even comes with integrated waterproof pouch that is touch sensitive and sealed properly so you don’t have to worry about your gadget’s security every time you play your favorite music.

The 20-watt Stereo Pool Lounger

The 20-watt Stereo Pool Lounger

This lounger is puncture-resistant and can support user of up to 300lbs. and because this pool lounger uses soft surface, providing the perfect comfort will not be a problem.

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The 20-watt Stereo Pool Lounger 1

The 20-watt Stereo Pool Lounger already includes a rechargeable battery that can provide of up to 12 hours of music streaming or even use it to power up your gadget and best of all, it deflates or inflates easily using your existing electric pump. Weighs only 20lbs.

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