The 20 MPH Motorized Wheelrider – Your Kids Cool Looking Motorized Hubless Wheel Bike

Tired of pedaling around? Try this automatic electric bike or if your kids love skateboarding, snowboarding and surfboarding then without any doubt, this 20 MPH Motorized Wheelrider will definitely make them in love even more, because this motorized wheelrider will allow kids to pass through any type of ground including those muddy and grassy sands of course at speed of up to 20mph, enough to make them enjoy the driving action.

The 20 MPH Motorized Wheelrider

The 20 MPH Motorized Wheelrider

The 20 MPH Motorized Wheelrider is equipped with 1/4 gallon tank and starts by simply pulling the string, don’t forget to fill the tank though with gas and oil mixture. This motorized wheelrider is powered by 2 stroke, 2 horse power engine and can be accelerated by placing both feet into its slip resistant foot boards that is uniquely housed inside a hubless tire rim. Simply move the front foot sideways to start steering the wheel. Sounds easy aight.

This wheelrider is capable of running up to 20 miles when in full tank, weighs only 58lbs and can handle rider up to 200lbs. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your little rider this Holiday Season then try this motorized wheelrider. Enjoy!

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