The 1600X Digital Microscope – Displays tiny objects on a screen

Digital Microscope? Check the 1600X Digital Microscope, a uniquely designed object magnifier packed with LCD screen so you can clearly display objects up to 1600X larger better than any ordinary digital microscope that only uses standard eyepiece.

This 1600X Digital Microscope also comes with an integrated 5MP digital camera so you’ll not just clearly see tiny objects but at the same time capture them or even record video clips of up to 40 minutes at 1600×1200 resolutions.

The 1600X Digital Microscope

This microscope also features 3 objective lenses capable of magnifying objects starting from 40X up to 400X while its built-in light sources will allow users to illuminate objects from top or from the bottom without any problem.

This digital microscope also comes with a colored filter wheel perfect for blocking out any wavelengths while its included 128MB memory is just perfect for storing up to 120 still images or 40 minutes of video anytime.

A USB port and cable are already included so you can download your recorded videos or photos to your computer running on Windows XP, Vista or even Windows 7 easily.

-$299.95 at hammacher