The 137 Language Pocket Translator –  translates 137 languages using a microphone, camera, and touchscreen display

Are you planning to travel internationally soon and are looking for a device that will help you communicate with different people? Try the Language Pocket Translator. (Available Here for only $199.95)

This very easy to use and portable translator device is your perfect answer because it can translate up to 137 languages using its integrated mic, camera and touchscreen display.

Language Pocket Translator

The 137 Language Pocket Translator

Perfect for international travelers, this pocket translator is unique because it verbally translates different languages, it can even photo-translate 60 languages using its integrated 5mp camera.

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Language Pocket Translator 2

The 137 Language Pocket Translator is smaller than your favorite smartphone and less complicated than your most used app, its integrated microphone is capable of capturing audio and can even display the perfect translation right on its 2.4 inches screen and best of all, it can be used with wifi or while offline.

You can buy this handheld translator for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee and