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The 12 hour iPad Power Case – handy and accessible only when you need it most

You need extra power for your new iPad? Sure, try The 12 Hour iPad Power Case, a very thin protective case that perfectly shield your precious iPad and at the same time provides extra hours of battery power just in case you need battery backup.

The 12 Hour iPad Power Case is designed to prolong the use of your iPad, perfect if have extended travel or finishing some movie marathons, thanks to its powerful lithium polymer battery that can easily be turned on or off so it’s handy and accessible only when you need it most.

This iPad Power Case only adds half an inch of your iPad’s thickness while its foldable feature is just perfect if you want a landscape view of your iPad.

This iPad case also offers a very soft suede-lined inner for scratch protection and some LED lights to indicate battery life. Get one now!

-$149.95 at hammacher