The 12″ Cordless 24 Hour Outdoor Fan – provides up to 24 hours of cooling air circulation without requiring access to an outlet

Are you looking for a 12 inch fan that can be used outdoors without worrying about bulky cords? Try the 12” Cordless 24 Hour Outdoor Fan. (Available Here for only $129.95)

This rechargeable fan is unique because besides its portability and cordless design, this fan is also perfect when it comes to providing cool air for up to 24hrs straight of course without requiring the owner to find any available outlet.

Cordless Outdoor Fan

This outdoor fan is perfect for outdoor use like camping, tailgating and even for your upcoming outdoor events, thanks to its including sturdy metal blade that spins religiously at speeds of up to 1700rmps, getting fresh air will not be a problem every time.

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Cordless Outdoor Fan 2

The 12” Cordless 24 Hour Outdoor Fan also features a tilting capability and has an integrated USB port so you can also charge other devices and best of all, it has an anti-slip rubber stand so you don’t have to worry about keeping it stuck in one place. Weighs only 7lbs.

You can buy this rechargeable 12” outdoor fan for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.