Terminator Combat Helicopters – The First RC Helicopter 3D Interactive Game

Terminator Combat Helicopters is the first 3D interactive game where kids and even adults would love to outsmart every opponent with their flying expertise knocking them out of the sky. Simply hit your opponent 3 times with your helicopters infrared lasers and watch your enemies hit the ground.

The set includes 1 RC Terminator Resistance and 1 Terminator Hunter Combat Helicopter and features different combat functions. These RC Helicopters also comes with true to life battle sound effects, 2 channel functions, a coaxial structure for steady flight, a crash friendly blades and a 10 meter range and 8 minutes flying time using high specification Li-Po 100mAh 3.7v battery.

– £49.95 at boysstuff

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  1. The Terminator Combat Hunter Killer is the ultimate flying machine, complete with battle function and mid-air search lights! Battle each other or our Resistance helicopter
    The Hunter Killer is a highly thorough scaled model from the Terminator movie and features LED thrusters and folding feet, which makes this a real collectable as well as great fun.

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