Teeth Whitener – Whitens teeth quickly with longer lasting results

You want to whiten your teeth quickly and easily? Use this Teeth Whitening device, an advanced and award winning teeth whitener capable of whitening teeth quickly with longer lasting results as compared to any other teeth whitening treatments out there.

This teeth whitener uses a uniquely designed mouthpiece that emits LED light and heat while its included gel and unique treatment system stop whitening oxygen from evading the teeth ensuring highest whitening exposure that lasts longer.

Teeth Whitener

Unlike other whitening methods, the included gel is free of carbamide peroxide and alcohol perfect specially if you have sensitive teeth, it only takes 8 minutes a day of treatment for 3 to 10 days and you’ll be able to see real results.

The Teeth Whitener already includes 10 gel packs good for 40 treatments while its included rechargeable battery will provide up to 2 straight hours of treatment when fully charged via AC.

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