Electric Toothbrush – Kids Tartar Buster

Electric Toothbrush

It looks like indolent kids have found a friendly and easy to use electronic toothbrush. Kids and even adults would surely appreciate the importance of removing that ugly tartar roaming around their teeth!Sonicare Elite 9500

The Sonicare Elite 9500 is designed with the new Custom Care System, offering two speeds and two brush head sizes for more individualized brushing. The Elite 9500 has patented sonic technology, high-speed bristle motion, and dynamic fluid cleaning action that gently reaches deep between teeth and below the gumline.

Sonicare is the #1 personally used and recommended brand by U.S. dental professionals.


  1. Definitely a good (and fun!) way for kids to brush their teeth. Because it’s automatic and all, you don’t have to worry about them missing a spot when they brush their tiny pearly whites!

  2. Tartar can’t be easily removed, based on what I’ve been reading on the net. Even if you get rid most of them, It’ll come back if you left some (even just a tiny bit) behind! Ask your dentist to clean them up for you, if they keep on coming back!

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