Tamagotchi – Your Favorite Handheld Virtual Pet Is Back

Tamagotchi, the world’s favorite handheld virtual pet is back! This pocket-sized electronic gizmo allows owners to hatch and then raise their pet by pressing buttons throughout the day.

Depending on how you raise your pixilated pals, this time you can generate seven fun families what a handful!

Tamagotchi virtual pet

Tamagotchi contains an animated pet that lives on a little screen and allows your pets to interact with other Tamagotchi via a nifty infrared connection, access new passwords in Tamagotchi Town.

It even allows the owner to earn Tamagotchi points to shop for special virtual items such as food, travel tickets, toys, make-up, clothes plus there are four new mini games, 65 characters and lots of fun animations, you can even meet Tamagotchi fans from around the world so grab one now!

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– $25.70 at firebox
-$17.34 at amazon


  1. I already have a tamagotchi, got it like in 2009 or something. But it is pretty fun if u ask me

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