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By Guest Author Melissa.

Leave it to Apple to bring the latest digital innovation front and center in the marketplace. On Thursday, January 19, Apple announced the launch of iBooks 2, an app for the iPad that has the potential to change the face of education.

Apple is not the first tablet developer to take the plunge into digital textbooks, but most of the others have focused primarily on college texts. Apple’s iBooks 2 has its share of college texts, but the innovator is also looking to bring this technology to high school and elementary classrooms, where lack of student engagement with texts is a huge problem cited by teachers.

The iBooks 2 app allows iPad users to download interactive digital textbooks directly to their tablet. With the interactive features of these texts, student engagement increases substantially. In public school districts where Apple has tested the iBooks platform, teachers reported an increase in excitement in their students. Testing of the academic success of these students over those using traditional textbooks will take place this year. Read More »EVALUATING E-BOOK EVOLUTION

Apple iPod nano 8GB – You’ll Never Want to Put down Your iPod Again

Packed with great features, the Apple iPod nano 8GB is simply a musical brains in the making designed uniquely so you’ll never want to put down your iPod nano again.

Apple iPod nano 8GB

The Apple iPod nano 8GB allows the user to find the song they want to hear faster by shaking the iPod nano or slant and turn it on its side so you can listen, watch or even play in different position. The Apple iPod nano also features 2” widescreen display so you can play addictive games specifically designed for iPod nano or use its widescreen to share your favorite photos with your friends and families.

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