Swiftpoint Mouse – Small Yet Accurate than Laptop’s Touchpad

Not satisfied of how your touchpad perform? Let’s face it, they’re not really as precise as those desktop mouse but don’t worry, there is still hope especially in those times that you want to work faster. No we’re not talking about those ordinary mice with pads on your desk.

Swiftpoint Mouse

Swiftpoint Mouse

Introducing the Swiftpoint Mouse, the smallest yet the most accurate of them all ideal for laptop use or for those you have limited space to work on and can’t use a desktop mouse.

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This cool new gadget has everything you need including the usual functionality of an ordinary mouse but with a touch of stylishness, user-friendly and wireless functionality.

Swiftpoint Mouse is 40 percent accurate than most touchpads, it has the plug and play capability without worrying about battery life because it can be automatically recharged once the receiver is connected at one of your laptop’s USB ports.

Need more space? Sure, this Swiftpoint Mouse can easily be parked at its built in magnetic parking accessory. Cool eh!

-£49.99 at firebox

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