The Superior Dual Stick Hand Vacuum – A lightweight cordless hand vacuum with superior suction that traps fine dust particles

The Superior Dual Stick Hand Vacuum [SOURCE] is a wireless hand vacuum that is very light yet capable of sucking up dust particles, thanks to the vacuum’s unique suction technology, cleaning different types of surfaces is now easier and more effective.

The Superior Dual Stick Hand Vacuum

The Superior Dual Stick Hand Vacuum

This hand vacuum cleaner uses a powerful motor that is powered using a rechargeable battery plus it also includes a unique vacuum head with nylon bristles dust surface spots.

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The Superior Dual Stick Hand Vacuum 1

This cordless dual stick hand vacuum also features a unique HEPA filter capable of trapping allergens while its included 18oz bagless canister will enable the owner to easily get rid of captured debris straight into the trash without any problem.

Its included motorized attachment tools will allow the owner to suck and trap dust particles for up to 25 minutes or 40 minutes via standard cleaning and best of all, it already includes a wall mounted charging station for easy charging.

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