Star Wars Epic Wall Art – Can Be Set In Minutes without Clutter

Star Wars Epic Wall Art

This 10.5 wide and 6 feet tall Star Wars Epic Wall Art is ideal for all star wars fanatics who wants to have a nice and clear look at their favorite star wars characters right into their very own room. Without any tools needed, simply find the spot where you want it to be pasted, soak the sheets in warm water and enjoy a cinematic galaxy scene right in your very own room. What are you waiting for? Go get your star wars costume and start staring at Luke or maybe at Vader now.

This Star Wars Epic Wall Art is officially licensed by Lucas Films and it features a prepasted sheets for easy handling. It also features an easy to remove function but is not recommended to be repositioned once the sheet goes dry. This star wars mural can be set in just a matter of minutes without clutter, so start painting now.

-$148.99 at thinkgeek