Star Wars Collectibles – 5 Specially Made Star Wars Gadgets Ideal For Every Star Wars Collectors

If you’re a serious Star Wars fanatic then here’s your chance of getting one of these limited edition replicas and figures specially made just for you so you can add it to your existing collections or simply wear it and play as if you’re one those stars fighting bad guys.

Darth Vader Helmet Limited Edition

Darth Vader Helmet is made of fiberglass for toughness coated with some primer and high-gloss enamel in order to replicate the same piece used in the original film helmet. Darth Vader Helmet comes with a specially made stand, metal plague and stands approximately 43cm x 39cm x 38cm.

– £599.99 at findmeagift

Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Limited Edition

Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber measures about 11 x 1.25 in diameter and is the official Lightsaber replica of your favorite actor Anakin Skywalker. The Lightsaber is made of machined aluminum and brass painted and plated with copper and 18k gold. Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber also comes with a custom designed case, a metal display plaque, an acrylic support and dust cover and an a Certificate of Authenticity.

– £299.99 at findmeagift

Star Wars Rebel Blaster Limited Edition

Blast your enemy off with this limited edition Star Wars Rebel Blaster modeled after a 1950 British submachine gun. Star Wars Rebel Blaster is approximately 19x9x2 and is made of a metal with ABS parts and detailing. It weighs 30 pounds and comes with stand, case, plaque and a Certificate of Authenticity.

– £349.90 at findmeagift

Darth Vader Tie Fighter Limited Edition

Darth Vader Tie Fighter is the coolest vehicle that features large twin solar arrays, lots of hand crafted pieces all detailed and scaled from the original Tie Star Fighter Ship plus it comes with a removable cockpit hatch to view other details inside like the pilot’s chair, the pilots control panel etc.

– £249.99 at findmeagift

Star Wars Clone Wars AT-TE Vehicle

Star Wars Clone Wars AT-TE Vehicle can easily hold up to 20 star wars figures and features a built-in blaster rifle, pistol racks, authentic clone trooper phrases, six firing turrets, articulated legs and a multi-rotational front cannons. Star Wars Clone Wars AT-TE Vehicle has a unique auto-deploy opening hatch with articulated legs plus it comes with 1 clone trooper figure so you can start the battle action.

– £99.99 at toysrus