Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge – A portable cooling device with warm and cool settings for keeping food warm or cold

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary cooling device out there simply because besides its unique Borg Cube look, this small yet powerful star trek ship fridge is capable of cooling or warming your favorite food at home or on the go.

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

Whether you use it in heating your favorite food before assimilating them or popping off some cold drinks to quench your thirstiness, the Borg Cube Fridge is just one of the cooling device out there you can’t miss. Simply plug it into your AC outlet or use the included 12V DC source and your good to go.

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge 1

This officially licensed Star Trek fridge can cool up to 9 soda cans of course with extra room for some bacons, it even comes with a nice and sturdy locking door to prevent spillage.

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge 2

This Borg Cube Fridge has nice rubber feet for protection and already includes an AC cord so you can use it at home and a 12v DC cord just in case you want some cold drinks in your car.

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