Stainless Steel iPad Case – Flexible, Smooth and Light Yet Powerful iPad Protector

iPad cases are designed to protect from annoying incidents, but not all of them are created equally simply because they have both their pros and cons. This is the very reason why we suggest to you this Stainless Steel iPad Case.

The Stainless Steel iPad Case 1

Woven with thousands of stainless steel threads, this iPad case is very smooth and light yet powerful enough to protect your new iPad on all sides at the same time giving you easy access to all your iPad’s important controls.

If you love our Solar Charging iPad Case then this stainless steel iPad Case then definitely this case is your next option because this case has a rust resistant exterior and a stain resistant and durable microfiber interior and because this stainless steel iPad case can be positioned in landscape and in a slightly inclined style, typing, browsing websites, checking emails, chatting and even watching your favorite movies will not be a problem. Thanks to its flexible feature and a swiveling snap enclosure, securing your iPad with this smooth yet impenetrable outer shell will not be a problem.

This case is compatible with the latest iPad 2 and 3 model and only stands at 10 1/2 inches in length x 8 1/4 inches Width x 1 1/4 inches Diameter. Go ahead and check it out!

-$169.95 at hammacher