Spykee Vox – Your Kids Latest Tech Toy Capable Of Controlling Your Favorite Gadgets

Spykee Vox is a voice activated robot capable of following a series of commands depending on how you program him.

Spykee can be a bad guy like fighting an enemy and shooting at them using its own laser guns and bombs or let the Vox act as a good guy by commanding him to dance, play music on your iPod, turning off the TV or just let him follow some series of routines to do the work for you.

How? Well, simply program this uniquely built remote control robot and start controlling it using your voice or remote control as simple as that.


Spykee Vox features an LCD screen that shows different animated faces depending on his mood, slot for plugging in your favorite iPod or MP3 player and an instruction manual that will guide you through the process building 3 different robot designs.

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– £99.99 at iwantoneofthose