Spot GPS – Trapped? Notify Your Loved Ones That You Are In Good Condition With This Unique Alert Gadget

Trapped somewhere? Now you can tell your family right where in the world you are with this unique alert gadget. How? Simple, just setup your email address and phone numbers before going someplace and at the click of a button, this rescue gadget will automatically notify your loved ones that you are in good situation.

Spot GPS

The Spot GPS features a GPS receiver device that receives your GPS coordinates and transmits them at the press of a button plus it can last up to a year with the power on, 14 days in tracking mode and 7 consecutive days in emergency 911 mode. The Spot GPS can operate at temperatures between -40 degrees to 85 degrees and altitudes of -300 to 21,300 feet and it’s waterproof to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

– $277.14 at iwantoneofthose