Sphero Robotic Ball – The sophisticated and programmable robotic ball

Got iOS and Android smartphone? Sure, how about Sphero Robotic Ball? If not then here’s your chance of playing a totally new type of fun and entertaining game where you can awesomely control the robotic ball via your tablet or smartphone.

Sphero Robotic Ball

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This sophisticated and programmable robotic ball is not just fun to play to with but at the same time durable enough so you can do whatever game you want to play with including multiplayer games, table top games, racing, driving and a lot more.

Sphero Robotic Ball is definitely something everyone would love to try on and because this robotic ball is unique, you can even change the color of the ball so you can play in the dark or simply create a team for multiplayer obstacle driving games.

Sphero Robotic Ball image

This robotic ball can also be used as a unique controller for your other iPad games and because Sphero already comes with free downloadable games via android market and apps stores including iTunes and Amazon, Sphero will always surprise you of its cool new moves and tricks.

What are you waiting for, start tapping, tilting and touching your gadgets now and enjoy a definitely new way of playing real world fun and entertaining games with Sphero the Robotic Ball.

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