Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 Player – The Latest And Coolest Waterproof Music Gadget

Is your MP3 player capable of submerging up to 3 meters? Here’s the latest and coolest waterproof music gadget packed with 1GB of memory so you can bring with you up to 250 of songs while swimming.

speedo aquabeat mp3 player

Speedo Aquabeat 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player features a playtime of up to 9 hours and weighs only 35g.

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Speedo Aquabeat 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player also comes with an ergonomic buttons for easy playing, a software for editing playlists, adding and sorting of songs, a waterproof earplugs and a very short earphone cord for easy wearing.

– £73.99 at advancedmp3players