Space Saver Weight System – Your Innovative Space Saving Weight

Here’s an innovative space saving weight set that is perfect for people who want to get fit but don’t like the gym. The Space Saver Weight System is outstanding for those who want to have a private fitness trainer but don’t have enough space for a full weight set.

Space Saver Weight System

The Space Saver Weight System features 4 end caps, 10 weights, 8 spacers, 2 dumbbell tubes, 1 barbell adapters, an instructional video and a durable carrying case. The Space Saver Weight System forms one long bar weighing up to 15kg or two dumbbells each weighing up to 5.9kg. Adding weight is easy, 1.5lbs of metal slugs can be stored in each dumbbell and includes a light weight plastic spacers for holding the slugs in place when you don’t need the maximum weight.

– £49.95 at boysstuff