SONY Vegas Pro 12 – A professional Video, Audio and Blu-ray Disc Creation Tool

You want to express your creative and artistic idea by creating a professionally designed video creation? Sure you can with Sony Vegas Pro 12 [VIDEO], a professional video, audio and Blu-ray Disc Creation tool designed perfectly for imaginative professionals who wants to make an award winning video in any format simply by applying a simple drag and drop mode.

SONY Vegas Pro 12

SONY Vegas Pro 12

Sony Vegas Pro 12 is not just an innovative video editing tool but also a powerful engine for applying high quality effect chains, thanks to its built-in sophisticated plug-in style, adding different effects from simple to complex either from one clip to another is now easier and more powerful.

Sony Vegas Pro 12 video, audio and blu-ray disc creation tool even features a new Titler Pro feature to help you create a high quality titles plus it also allows you to add animations, effects to any title sequences in real time using your very own style of from its professional-style templates. Thanks to Sony Vegas GPU accelerated function, moving text on any axis is now possible of course with 2D and 3D ability.

SONY Vegas Pro 12 a

This video editing and creation tool is designed for better performance without sacrificing stability, now you’ll have an accelerated playback performances and faster rendering times just enough for busy video creators who wants to pass its tight deadlines.

Another great feature includes better audio control where you will be provided with unlimited sound mixing options while its authoritative blu-ray disc authoring tool will simply allow you to burn movie projects in multiple languages complete with subtitles and many playback menus.

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