Sonocaddie Auto Play Golf GPS – Help golf players develop, boost and enjoy golf game

Sonocaddie Auto Play Golf GPS is designed to help you develop, boost and at the same time enjoy your favorite golf game every time simply because all of your favorite golf courses are already loaded into the unit so all you have to do is to open the Sonocaddie and enjoy. [Read full review]

Unlike any other Golf GPS out there that lets you join membership courses and downloads, the Sonocaddie Auto Play Golf GPS is already packed with all the necessary tools like distance to critical targets, scorecards and a lot more, you can even customize the courses just to satisfy your golf enjoyment of course without additional charges, nevertheless, since new courses are being added, you just simply sign up for a free membership account and your good to have free updates easily.

Sonocaddie Auto Play Golf GPS

This auto play golf GPS also features an easy to use distance calculator for that fast and accurate yardage every time. Other feature includes automatic course finder, different language support and ample storage space so you can store up to 30k of golf courses and hundreds of scorecards easily.

The Sonocaddie Auto Play Golf GPS is very easy to use and portable and even comes with a powerful rechargeable battery for that continuous 12 hour golf playing you’ve always longing for.

-$349.99 at amazon

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