Smooff Loungers – The Perfect Indoor or Outdoor Lounging Cushion Mattress

Smooff Loungers

Relax and rest comfortably with this cool Smooff Loungers. Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, this portable mattress will surely be an important summer thing especially when it’s time to relax plus with its water, flame and UV resistant feature, the Smooff Loungers is just the perfect lounging cushion mattress no matter where you are.

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Smooff Loungers

This Loungers is ideal for home, sleep outdoor, boating or whatever activity relaxation you may want to do because it comes with a comfortably design function to perfectly fit to your body’s shape every time you lounge around, it even comes with a nice pillow and folds up easily for effortless moving purposes. Smooff Loungers weighs 5kg and is available in different colors.

– £99.99 at iwantoneofthose