Smartphones of the future: How they will look and what they will do

Guest posted by: Amanda

A smartphone in the future, if anything, is going to be more intelligent and more productive. They have long evolved from the basic functions of a mobile phone and going many steps further, they are going to resemble a computer. All these are going to happen as the gadgets shrink in size.

What will they do?

Act like computers
DoCoMo has rolled out Toshiba T-01A in Japan in June, 2011. Toshiba T-01A is a super-fast phone which uses a Qualcomm chip. Assuming computer chips in smartphones to be a trend, it would not be long before smartphones begin to use full-version applications like Adobe Photoshop. This will also enable smartphones to process video files of large sizes.
future smartphone 1The Nokia N900, also known as the mobile computer, runs a Linux operating system and can perform multi-tasking like a Macbook. Smartphones of the future will be adept at multi-tasking and you can play a video game, video conference with your friend and upload multiple images to a site at the same time. All these work at super-fast speed.

Better connecting capabilities
Gone will be limitations imposed on the size and type of files you could share over Bluetooth. Future smartphones will be able to easily share large-sized video files, applications and music.

Smartphones will be aware of your current location, social networks, food preferences and habits. Smartphones will analyze the information to give you inputs and suggestions from time to time.

The year 2009 marked the arrival of games on the mobile phones. Smartphones of the future will process games with higher resolution and graphics and will easily allow multi-player gaming with console-like sound.

What will they look like?

Thinner and lighter smartphones
Though the display sizes of the smartphones are not going to change — they are likely to remain between 3.7 inches to 4.3 inches — they are highly likely to become thinner and lighter. This will happen as the technology inside become smaller. There is therefore, no possibility of microscopic phones emerging.
future smartphone 2Dual screen smartphones
Many smartphones are going to have dual screens in the coming years. These smartphones will enable you to perform at least two tasks on two screens at the same time. For example, you could send mails and play video games at the same time. The dual screen smartphones will be ultra thin.

Wearable smartphones
Imagine wearing your smartphone like a watch or a waist belt. Mobile companies are going to roll out wearable smartphones in the future. Nokia Morph is the right example of a wearable phone. Nokia Morph is made of Fibril proteins which allow the phone to bend easily like a watch.

It is obvious that smartphones aspire to at least compete with, if not outwit a computer. The emphasis is clearly on intelligence, style and convenience. However, this also remains to be seen whether the mobile manufacturers also place adequate emphasis on eradicating health hazards from mobile phones.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is an avid blogger who likes updating herself with new technological innovations. She recently bought a cool thumb drive for herself. These days she is busy in writing on luxury yacht and she always provide tech help on different software’s and downloads to her readers with her write-ups.Recently she wrote a fine article on jailbreak..


  1. Good post sir,  but on the wearable smartphones part, i’m gonna think i have to disagree, wearing them like wristwatches has been on every future gadgets ever since the old ages on wristwatches but so far up to this point it has never really catch up.

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