Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera – The Smallest and Smartest Wi-Fi Spy Camera To Date

Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera is the smallest spy camera capable of capturing footages at 640×80 resolution from up to 100m away, just enough to monitor your home, office and other important places in your area.

The Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera is perfect for wannabe-James-Bond out there or for those who want to secure their properties while they’re away, this means, you can capture high quality images and vids complete with sound minus that irritating cables.
Smart-i Wireless Spy CameraWorry about how to transmit those captured data? No problem because this wi-fi spy camera can transmit directly to your PC or smart phone devices locally or over the internet plus all captured footages can be recorded using your favorite web browser, simply download the Smart-i app and have fun.

-£79.99 at firebox

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