Sky Lanterns – Watch In Wonders As it Climbs Into The Night Sky With Some Magical Effects

Want to add some sparkling night-light effects to your next night-time events?

Then stop making a wish, here’s an enchanting Sky Lanterns that will guarantee you and your guest watch in wonders as it climbs into the night sky with some magical effects.

Sky Lanterns

So how does it work? Well, just light the special wax fuel cell, wait for a flame to form and see it glows as it gradually ascend up to 1500 meters.

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The Sky Lantern also comes with a pen so you can add some personalized wishes and messages so you can attach it to the lanterns. The Sky Lanterns are safe when used correctly but are not toys and should not be used by children.

– $69.10 at firebox

Sky Lanterns - 2

Sky Lanterns - 3