Skatecycle – The World’s First Hubless Skate

Now you can drive yourself at the park, down a hill and your neighbor’s street without spending anything or scratching your shoes with this uniquely designed hubless skate, the first of its kind self-propelled skatecycle.

SkatecycleIdeal for skateboard and rollerblade fanatic who wants to try another ways to get around the streets, and parks all without ever taking their feet off the ground and plate because once you step your feet into its slip resistant footboards, you’ll be amazed on how you got yourself at your target area.

Skatecycle is very handy, you can easily fold and store anywhere you want plus moving it and bringing it everywhere you go is easy just don’t forget to master it first before you start showing your friends how extremely fun it is to propel yourself along indefinitely. Go on try it!

-£149.99 at firebox