The Shirt Pocket Video Drone – A drone that folds to the size of a smartphone so you can slip it to your shirt pocket

If you are looking for the best gadgets you can add to your collection then the Shirt Pocket Video Drone [SOURCE] will be the next best thing to have simply because this gadget not only provides 720p HD camera to capture precise picture and video but at the same time capable of propelling up to 100 feet away yet small enough that you can even slip it right into your shirt’s pocket.

The Shirt Pocket Video Drone

The Shirt Pocket Video Drone

This 5.5 inches long and 2 and 3/4 wide drone uses micro-electric propeller motors position from each corner giving it a spacecraft look capable of ascending, descending and even agilely turns in any direction.

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The Shirt Pocket Video Drone 1

This video drone can even sideslips from left to right laterally, thanks to the drone’s included easy to use radio remote control that even kids can easily be use and master plus with its easy to push button right at the remote control will allow the owner to engage the drone’s auto-hove mode just perfect for taking great looking pictures and high definition videos.

The Shirt Pocket Video Drone already includes a 4GB microSD card and comes with 3 different speed settings including everything from basic hovering to doing some expert aerial acrobats and best of all, this pocket video drone will provide the owner of up to 7 minutes of fun flight times from a single 45 minutes of charging time using its included USB cable.

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