The Shiatsu Heated Foot Compression Massager – Now you can enjoy soothing touch of Shiatsu to relax and re-energize sore feet

The Shiatsu Heated Foot Compression Massager [SOURCE] is design to provide a unique pampering experience specially if you want to relax and re-energize your tired feet.

The Shiatsu Heated Foot Compression Massager

The Shiatsu Heated Foot Compression Massager

This foot massager uses a combination of heat, air and compression to get rid of sore feet and because this device is very sleek and delivers up to 3 different treatments like releasing tension and knots, targeting key acupressure points by kneading the rollers and get rid of aching muscles by using comfortable compression.

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The Shiatsu Heated Foot Compression Massager 1

The heat feature on this foot massager on the other hand is design to accelerate good blood flow perfect for refreshing the owner’s tired feet after working all day long.

The Shiatsu Heated Foot Compression Massager is very easy to use, simply position your feet inside the device, tap your desired setting right at the included control panel and you’re good to go.

This compact foot massager is very easy to clean and can be pack under the table or under your bed right after every session.

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