Share-A-Watt – A Travel Sized Power Strip designed especially for On-The-Go Geeks

Today, free wireless internet access are already everywhere, in malls and in your favorite café but how about those power outlets where your portable computers like netbooks and laptops depends the most especially if these small devices reaches its low battery indication?
Share-A-WattNo problem because now you can power up your portable electronic devices anywhere you are with Share-A-Watt, a portable power stripper with integrated surge protection feature so you can juice-up your favorite electronic devices anytime anywhere especially designed where power outlets are limited.
Share-A-Watt 2Share-A-Watt includes 2 grounded AC outlets and 2 USB ports just enough to plug all your favorite gadgets at once, now you don’t need to beg someone to unplug so you can charge, you can even share your outlet right?

Share-A-Watt also features a nice and flexible cable with low profile plug and has a power rating of 15A, 125V and 3 full line surge protection function. Share-A-Watt weighs at 7 ounces and has a total dimension of 7.75×2.25×1.125 inches.

-$19.99 at thinkgeek