You need total protection for your eyes this fast approaching summer holiday? Try Serengeti RX Eyewear Small Aviator Sunglasses, a specially designed aviator sunglass that uses modern technology to construct a premium quality sun glass in order to give your eyes crystal clear view anytime anywhere even on cloudy and harsh light conditions.

Serengeti RX Eyewear Small Aviator Sunglasses

Whether it’s a spy sunglasses or a high tech sunglass with camera and mp3 player on it, Serengeti RX Eyewear Small Aviator Sunglasses is just perfect for drivers or for anybody who wants to lessen eye strain and get rid of any disturbing glares out there simply because this aviator sunglass only offers a true high def contrast and amazing color improvement that frequently adjusts to whatever light condition your eyes is focusing.

Now you don’t have to worry about poor lenses, with Serengeti’s PhotoChromic Technology, automatic lightening and darkening of every detail you are seeing will not be a problem. Wanna try?

How about you, what’s your favorite eye protection? Just comment below and let’s talk about it.

-$141.00 at amazon