Sennheiser Gaming Headset PC 360 – designed for gamers, chatters and sound addicts

Sennheiser Gaming Headset is designed for professional gamers, chatters and sound addicts out there who want to experience hi-fi sound every time. Whether you’re playing your latest collection of PC, Xbox or PS3 games, enjoying your favorite RnB sounds and chatting to your friends at your favorite social sites, the Sennheiser PC 360 Professional Gaming Headset is the way to go for a natural and more comfortable listening.

Sennheiser Pro Gaming Headset is not just awesome when it comes to producing professional sound because this pro gaming headset is also perfect when it comes to its design and quick access features just perfect for that long session gaming you’ve always longing for.

sennheiser gaming headset

This Sennheiser Gaming Headset also features a noise cancelling and automatic microphone mute function for that excellent and crystal clear sound every time, just put on this all-in-one headset and enjoy a natural listening experience any time.

Not satisfied with small ear pads because you can’t hear real sound? The Sennheiser 360 is different because it comes with ultra comfortable velvet ear pad complete with unique headband cushioning system for that real comfort listening even on long gaming competition. Try it!

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