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Secrets to Ensuring Mobile Application Security

While the use of mobile phones has phenomenally increased in the past decade, there has also been a drastic increase in the mobile market today. Research has shown that an average mobile user spends over 2 hours per day on any particular mobile application. However, do you think your mobile applications are really secure even if downloaded from a trusted source? There is really no trusted source in the virtual world that we live in. Research shows that 100% applications from the Google Android platform have been hacked easily then how can one protect personal information and media from the outside world? Here are a few interventions.

Secrets to Ensuring Mobile Application Security

1. Secure the application
The best way to effect an application is by playing on its vulnerabilities. And that is exactly what these applications malware do in order to sneak into your phone’s mainframe and create havoc. Once they have access, they obtain a public copy of the software and reverse its coding before putting it over 3rd party sites for downloading on different phones to make hacking easier. The best way to deal with this issue is to help developers identify different vulnerabilities in order to make their applications fool proof and hard rock so that they are not easily copied and reversed.

2. Secure the Smartphone
You application’s security strongly depends on your phone’s underlying security. A lot of issues can be easily resolved if your phone’s security itself is in line. Make sure that your device’s mobile app sandbox is intact. This is not found in Jail broken phones which means that they are very susceptible to external malware. Moreover there is also the case of excessive amounts of permissions that any applications ask for before downloading on to your phone. The best way to deal with this issue is to have authorities scan for unwarranted applications that are usually a scam and enter into the phones of people and wreak havoc. By scanning for such applications, they can finally put filters and protect the user base.

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Protect the data
Have you noticed when a particular application gets downloaded on to your phone it asks for specific information and access into your phone’s directories? This is where these applications leave an imprint on your phone’s internal system. Not only do they manage to store some of their data on to the phone but also manage to extract data from your phone at the same time. When you give your desired application access into your phone, you have given it your consent which means there is nothing wrong taking place exactly on behalf of privacy breach. Data encryption within the application sandbox is a good and effective way to deal with criminals accessing your phone’s data.

Your phone is like a personal identification card. Hence its safety should always be top priority in all cases. People don’t understand usually how integrated hackers are into their lives today. They can access anything from social security details to your bank account details by only accessing your phone’s mainframe. Therefore it is highly important that you take the necessary steps required to secure your phone.