Sealife SL709 DC1200 Digital MAXX Camera – Perfect for capturing Land and Underwater scenes

You want a digital camera that you can use both on land and underwater? Check the Sealife SL709 DC1200 Digital MAXX Camera, a simple, easy to use and yet very powerful digital camera that allows the owner to dive and shot underwater scenes easily yet catches it garishly in full colorful or catch those memorable moments with your family all at the same easy task yet provides great pictures anytime anywhere simply because of its easy and power rich features and functions.

Sealife SL709 DC1200 Digital MAXX Camera

With Sealife SL709 DC1200 Digital MAXX Camera, you can enjoy up to 12MP of lively photos and colorful reef scenes plus you’ll be able to adjust or customize the power of this camera manually in order to get the best settings you want.

This Sealife Digital MAXX Camera is great at shooting underwater scenes with distance ranging up to 8 feet and because it only comes with 5 large buttons, accessing and navigating with important keys is easier even with gloves are on.

Other feature includes underwater advanced snorkel mode for color correction, spy mode for fast and continuous photo shooting, detachable inner camera, 25x zoom, rechargeable battery and a CCD shift technology for reducing camera shake during fast paced camera action.

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