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ScanGauge II Automotive Computer – Your Car’s Diagnostic Gadget

Want to access extra information about your car? Well, here’s ScanGauge II Automotive Computer that lets you display different properties on the screen like fuel economy, battery voltage, coolant temperature and engine speed plus it lets you read standard engine trouble codes as well as clear the check engine light and other warning lamps.

The ScanGauge II also features automatic tracks of various elements of trip data with expanded digital gauges.

ScanGuage II Automotive Computer

ScanGauge II Automotive Computer

It also comes with a simple menu driven operation and a user-settable backlight color and brightness.

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The Automotive Computer Assistance Tool has no tools needed to install, just plug it into the OBD-II diagnostic connector found under the dash on 1996 and newer model cars and light trucks.

– $159.99 at thinkgeek