Sansa Fuze+ 16GB MP3 Player – Listen to music, play videos and share photos anytime easily

Love your sleek Sansa Fuse MP3 Player? Now you’ll love it even more because this time, the Sansa Fuze+ 16GB MP3 Player will not just give you fun time watching your favorite videos but also allows you to share photos, record voice messages, listen to your favorite radio station and a lot more, that’s the power of the all new Sansa Fuze+ 16GB MP3 Player, a sleek and portable music, video and photo player especially designed for people with busy lifestyles.

Sansa Fuze+ 16 GB MP3 Player 2

This portable MP3 player comes with an amazingly big and lively 2.4LCD display, a huge storage place that is already integrated to the player so you can enjoy saving all your favorite photos, videos and music files and bringing it always with you so you’ll never miss one of them and best of all, enjoy all of your favorites at a single touch of the screen. Cool!

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Sansa Fuze+ 16 GB MP3 Player

Want more storage space? No problem because the Sansa Fuse+ 16GB MP3 Player also features a built-in microSDHC slot so you can add additional space to increase your satisfaction even more.

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