Samsung Galaxy Appeal Android Prepaid AT&T GoPhone – A smartphone with flexible service plan

Looking for a smartphone with lots of functionality and style partnered with AT&T phone service? Check the Samsung Galaxy Appeal Android Prepaid AT&T GoPhone, an affordable and a creatively made phone to provide you the best tools so you can customize and organize the main screen the way you want it.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal GoPhone has lots of benefits and features, thanks to its brilliant 3.2 inches capacitive screen combined with a nice slide keyboard, 3MP camera with 3x zoom and a cool QVGA video recorder for that easy capturing of your favorite photos and videos anytime.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal Android Prepaid ATT GoPhone

This AT&T GoPhone is powered by Android Gingerbread and only weighs at 4.3 ounce while its li-ion battery will provide you of up to 7 hours of talk time.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal Android Prepaid ATT GoPhone 2

If you are looking for a smartphone with text, photo and video messaging capability then the Samsung Galaxy Appeal Android Prepaid AT&T GoPhone is your perfect option.

What are you waiting for, select your wireless service plan now and start enjoying cool music, cool apps, cool games, gmail and more without worrying about service contracts.

-$120.85 at amazon

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