S3 Surfster – Your Easy To Store And Transport Inflatable Boogie Board

You want to surf but can’t get a decent wave? Here’s an easy to carry inflatable surfboard that even children and beginners are made to look like experts on even the smallest waves. Surfers will never be without a surfboard because the S3 Surfster can be deflated to the size of a towel rolled up and put into a beach bag.

S3 Surfster

The S3 Surfster features easy to store and transport inflatable boogie board with molded non-slip gripper handles and neoprene body protector or knuckle guards. The S3 Surfster has a heavy duty layered construction for durability and rigidity. The S3 Surfster’s Inflatable body creates more buoyancy, making it easier to catch waves while being more comfortable to use.

-$62.95 at amazon