Roxio Game Capture HD PRO – now you can capture, edit and share gaming footages easily

You want to capture your most unforgettable game play moments in Xbox, Wii or PlayStation? Sure, how about editing the captured videos so you can add special effects, live commentaries and then upload it to your favorite video sharing sites? Now you can with Roxio Game Capture HD Pro [PRODUCT PAGE], a powerful 4-in-1 HD gameplay recording device packed with everything you need so you can record, edit, upload and even stream gameplays easily.

Roxio Game Capture HD PRO

With Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, capturing gaming footages and editing them is now more fun and entertaining simply because this device is very easy to install between your favorite gaming console, television and personal computer, it even comes with a uniquely designed software so everything can be done with a touch of a button. Sounds easy right?

So whether you are reviewing new games, host a gaming channel or just showing off your gaming expertise to all YouTube and Facebook users, Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is just your one-stop-solution for capturing, editing and sharing gaming footages easily. CLICK HERE if you want to read what customer’s are saying about the device.