Rotisserie Turkey Fryer – The auto-rotating meat fryer for indoor and outdoor use

You want to cook crisp, juicy and yummy whole turkey fast? Use Rotisserie Turkey Fryer capable of frying up to 18lb. of whole turkey quickly and unlike ordinary turkey fryers out there, enjoying evenly cooked turkey without worrying about excessive oils is now possible. Thanks to its uniquely designed fryer, preparing your favorite turkey indoor or outdoor is now flavorful and faster.

Rotisserie Turkey Fryer

This auto-rotating Rotisserie Turkey Fryer is not just for cooking turkeys but also perfect for other frying fries and fishes, thanks to its easy to use and removable frying handle and powerful 1800watt heating component with meat thermometer, now you can be sure that you can prepare delicious meat and other fried food easily and quickly.

Rotisserie Turkey Fryer also features different heating Fahrenheit options and cooking timer plus it even comes with an auto shut off function so you can prevent oil overheating. Other important feature includes easy draining spigot, stainless steel lid and a sturdy aluminum cooking basket that can be hand-washed after using the fryer.

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