Rock Band Drum Rocker – The Official Rock Band 2 Drum Set

Rock Band Drum Rocker is the official licensed premium drum set for Rock Band 2 video game that features low-noise and velocity sensitive pads.

Rock Band Drum Rocker also features a fully adjustable setup and allows you to add third cymbals and second bass pedal without worrying about its durability. Rock Band Drum Rocker also allows the user to simply and easily tilt, raise and lower any pads to any position easily because it uses Velcro strips and retractable spikes. Rock Band Drum Rocker comes with 4x Gum rubber drum pads with mounts, 2x Gum rubber cymbal pads with mounting arms, 2x drumsticks, 1x game controllers, drum pedals, all necessary cables and a Pro-quality drum rack for mounting all pads and controllers.

– $361.70 at firebox