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Robotic Arm Kit – Your Kids Perfect Educational Toy

You want to create your own Robotic Arm? Here’s a Robotic Arm Kit that comes with an easy to follow instruction so you can assemble your own robotic arms in seconds.

The Robotic Arm Kit is an educational toy perfect for any kid who wants to pick up the basics of robotic technology. Robotic Arm Kit features a 5 switch wired controller that gives the owner a complete control over the arm, 5 motors that allows the operator to operate the arm like grabbing, releasing, lifting, lowering and rotating plus it comes with a search light that is position between the pincers so the user can line up the arm perfectly. The Robotic Arm Kit requires a cross headed screwdriver, a long nose plier, a diagonal cutter for assembling and four pieces of D batteries.

-$40.50 at amazon