Remote Controlled Spider – The Coolest RC Spider That Crawls Almost Anywhere

Tired of your RC cars and planes? No problem, check this Remote Controlled Spider that uses a clever technology to give you the best crawling spiders that can stroll on almost any flat surfaces much like a real crawling spiders well the only difference is it’s more entertaining that you can even impress your friends and families with its crawling tricks.

Remote Controlled Spider features a smooth caterpillar track system for scooting around like a tank and an air vacuum that is used to help the spider climb those high walls and ceilings. RC Spider also comes with a glowing red eyes and an easy switch button for wall climbing fun. Remote Controlled Spider also comes with a rechargeable battery with 40min. charging and a uniquely designed remote control for commencing the infrared remote controlled spider around freakingly.

– £36.49 at findmeagift