Refresh Charging Station – Charges Almost Any Type Of Gadgets From Mobile Phones To GPS Units

Refresh Charging Station is the ultimate charging device capable of charging almost any type of gadgets from mobile phones to GPS units or even Bluetooth headsets.

Refresh Charging Station

This charging station is perfect for any travelling geeks who wants to have all their tech-toys full charged minus that bulky wires and out of this world connectors because all you need is a single smooth and classy Charging Station Device.

Refresh Charging Station image

Refresh Charging Station comes with 6 common connectors like a Mini USB connector for juicing up BlackBerry, GPS system and walkman from Sony Ericson.

A Micro USB connector on the other hand is ideal for charging a variety of phones from Samsung, Sanyo and Nokia. This Charging Station comes in different colors and is perfect for place where gadgets are gathering like in the session halls or office desktops or even at your favorite kitchen and computer rooms.

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– £69.99 at firebox