Red5 Motion Control Drone – Now you can experience the fun of flying a drone without the complication of a remote

Can’t fly your favorite drone perfectly? Try the Red5 Motion Control Drone —[VIDEO]—, a very easy to control drone designed for novice and even for pro drone lovers out there equipped with motion controller that fits nicely on the user’s hand for easy yet fun flying every time.

With the Red5 Drone, flying is now easier than ever because owners can fly the drone using their very hand gestures, it even comes with an easy to use button so taking the drone off and landing becomes so entertaining.

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Red5 Motion Control Drone

Red5 Motion Control Drone

This motion control drone can even perform a 360 degrees flips without any problem, thanks to its unique gyro stabilization feature, doing some heart pounding flipping is now possible even for beginners.

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Red5 Motion Control Drone 1

The Red5 Motion Control Drone can be easily charged using its included USB charger, just add 3 triple-a batteries to its 2.4ghz and 4 channels remote control and you’re good to go and best of all, it has blade protectors and a headless mode feature for that easy to control and safe yet fun drone flying every time.

Watch the drone in action HERE.