Tired of using your portable battery starter because it failed to start your engine or can’t even recharge your laptop or cellphone? Use the Rechargeable Battery Starter for Car, Laptop or Cellphones, a portable and the most effective rechargeable battery charger designed to provide instant boost to a 4, 6 or even 8 cylinder engines plus laptops and cellphones that other jump starter can’t provide.

Thanks to Rechargeable Battery Starter’s small yet powerful and superior features, now you can even jump start engines that were frozen to 17 degrees Fahrenheit without any problem.

Rechargeable Battery Starter for Car, Laptop or Cellphones

Rechargeable Battery Starter for Car, Laptop or Cellphones

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This rechargeable battery jump starter is as small as your favorite iPhone plus it even comes with a zippered bag so you can easily store it anywhere and unlike other battery charger out there that needs huge space to store their jump starter, this model only weighs 1lb. far lighter than any lead acid jump boxes.

Other unique feature includes short circuit protection, 2 USB ports for charging cell phones and laptops, a built-in flashlight and an LCD screen where owners can see how many battery juice are remaining and best of all, this rechargeable battery jump starter can hold its charge for up to 3 straight years when not being used.

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