Realtek HD Audio: How Can You Record Using It

This guest article is by Tina of xpdrivers.

Most of the people use their sound drivers for the sole purpose of sound playback. However, there are many people who also handle sound recording with their computers or laptops. Realtek HD audio device manager efficiently handles sound playback as well as sound recording. This program provides you with various features including equalizers and environmental effects that help in enhancing the quality and performance of sound playback. You can easily configure the settings for optimal playback. In the same way, there are many features for sound recording. You can configure the settings for recording with Realtek HD audio device manager in order to indicate how you want to record.

Realtek HD Audio to Record Sound

Configuring Realtek HD Audio to Record Sound

1) First of all, you need to get a microphone for yourself. However, most of the laptops have in-built microphones these days. If you do not have one, you can easily buy one for yourself at an economical rate. Plug this microphone into your computer or laptop’s microphone jack. This is also known as an audio input device of your computer.

2) Now go to Realtek HD Audio manager and right click on it. This will be in the system tray on your desktop screen. Now click on Sound Manager.

3) A new pop up window would appear. Go to Microphone and click on it. You should also adjust the Recording Volume slider as per your preference.

4) The next step is to click on Noise Suppression. This helps out in cancelling any sort of background noises. If you are using a laptop that has inbuilt speakers and microphone, you should also select Acoustic Echo Cancellation. This helps to prevent the sound of what you are recording from playing back through the speakers and being picked up by the microphone again. However, these two selections are optional and based on your preference.

5) Now, select the Default Format tab in the pop up window. You will see a list of sample rates and bit rates in the drop down menu. Select an appropriate bit rate as well as sample rate according to the configurations of your speakers and microphone.

6) Now simply click OK and close the Realtek HD Audio manager.

7) Now, once again look for the Realtek HD Audio device manager in the system tray present on your desktop. As earlier, right click on the device manager icon. But this time, click on Sound Recorder.

8) Just to check whether your Realtek HD Audio device was correctly configured, you should follow these steps. Click on Start Recording button to start recording something. Now click on Stop Recording to stop the recording or pause it. A new pop up window will appear on the screen and ask you where you want to save the recording. In case you are finished recording, you should navigate to a folder of your choice and click on Save. On the other hand, if you want to record further, simply click Cancel. Click on Resume Recording whenever you want to start recording again.

If you want to read more about Realtek high definition audio, there are a number of websites that provide some good information on the subject.